Bio and Books

Austin Brown is the father of two spunky boys and a dimpled daughter and is married to his High School sweetheart, Rebekah.  A letter carrier by profession, Austin enjoys listening to a wide variety of lectures and podcasts while delivering the mail.  His wife, a home school teacher, loves fixing up homes and spending time outdoors.  Austin is a member of the PCA, and besides studying theology and writing, he enjoys few things more than a good online PC game.

Thus far he has finished writing three books.  In many ways, they couldn’t be more different.  If you’re looking for a humorous, quirky, fun read, check out Walking With The Mailman.  For a serious look into the fall of Satan and how God has been pleased to refute and combat sin in an ironic fashion, check out Satan’s Awful Idea: A Biblical Theology of Satan’s Fall and its Implications on the Unfolding Human Drama.  If you want to think seriously about the logical and emotional implications of life without God, consider reading The Case for Utter Hopelessness: Why Atheism Leads to Unyielding Despair.