A Critique Of Exclusive Psalmody No Instruments- Questioning its Consistency and Clarity

Introduction In this paper I will be presenting several arguments against the position known as exclusive psalmody no instruments (EPNI, hereafter). Having been a member of the RPCNA for approximately ten years, I am not coming at this from an outsiders' perspective. I love singing the Psalms, and I appreciate the sobriety and godliness and [...]


In Defense of Moderate Calvinism: “Wait! He Said What?!?” Reformed Quotes on the Extent of the Atonement and God’s Universal Saving Will

Section 1. Various Quotes from Reformers and other Notable Theologians Indicating Moderate Calvinism Section 2. Quotes from Moderates and High Calvinists Concerning God's Universal Desire for all to be Saved ----------------------------------------- The first section is largely concerned with the extent of the atonement and/or matters pertaining to universal sufficiency. I have tried to limit myself [...]

In Defense of Moderate Calvinism: Are the Non-Elect Included Within the Scope of the Term “World” in John 3:16?

John 3:16 A Litmus Test in the Moderate Calvinist and Strict Particularist Debate   The Issue The principle issue dividing Moderate Calvinists from (certain) Strict Particularists in their understanding of John 3:16 can be boiled down to a simple question: Are the non-elect included within the scope of the term “world” in John 3:16? If [...]