My Favorite Works of Fiction

With the reading of books there is no end.  But with the reading of good books there most certainly is an end... and sometimes it feels like I have long ago reached that end. Search as I might, digging here and there for the next literary treasure, I haven't found a gem in quite some [...]

Thought of the Day

Theological distinctives are those peculiar articles of doctrine that a particular denomination holds with great conviction but which everyone else can see is patently false. Sinless perfectionism.  Exclusive Psalm singing without instruments.  The papacy.  Limited expiation.  Second Blessing theology.  And on it goes.  

Generational Conflict in Ministry

D.A. Carson has written a timely article entitled “Generational Conflict in Ministry.”  See if the first paragraph catches your attention: “About five years after the Berlin wall came down and the communist regimes of Central and Eastern Europe had mostly fallen or been transmuted into something rather different, I had the privilege of speaking at [...]

Were the Early Church Fathers Calvinists? – A Brief Reply to Dr. Fernandez

In a recent debate over the five points of Calvinism, Dr. Fernandez said the following: “Another problem for Calvinism: No one held the Calvinist view of predestination until Augustine.  If the apostles taught Calvinism, then they apparently didn’t consider it important enough to convey this doctrine to their successors.  Until Augustine embraced unconditional predestination in [...]

Armchair Theology

Recently I was asked by Dave over at Armchair Theology if I would be willing to answer a few questions about my blog, interview style.  I was like, “What the!  Who me?”  But after looking over my shoulder and finding no one standing there, I answered, “Well, sure, it would be my honor!” So if [...]

A good friend of mine recently called to ask me about a perplexing passage in Matthew.  We discussed the issue at some length, and I gave what I thought was a fair interpretation.  After some healthy give and take, he was like, “Yeah, I guess that makes sense.”  And that was it.  But that wasn’t [...]

Check Out The New Blog: Gentle Reformation

I’d like to draw your attention to a new, snazzy, Reformed, gentle, but not too gentle (like pansy gentle or girl pushup gentle) blog where yours truly is a fellow contributor.  In a nutshell, we share our musings about theology, culture, history, books and pretty much anything and everything that strikes our fancy.  Since Calvinists, [...]

It’s Moving Time!

So, yeah, we’re moving this weekend, and there’s some awful carpet in our new house that needs ripped out.  Let’s just say that it doesn’t smell very good...  I’m hoping that I don’t contract some kind of strange flesh eating disease in the process.  My wife picked me up a handy-dandy, Home Depot face mask, [...]

Christianity Today, The Ironic World of Hipster Faith – Brett McCracken

My father-in-law pointed me to an article in Christianity Today entitled “Hipster Faith.”  It is well written, timely, and perceptive, and I commend it to you.  In the article, Mr. McCracken explores the phenomenon of evangelical relevance.  Think cool.  Think emergent.  Think right music.  Right lights.  Think hip presentation of truth.  And possibly most of [...]

Alcohol and Ministry – SBTS Panel Discussion

Wine makes the heart glad, but talking about it makes Christians mad. Few subjects are more controversial in American Evangelicalism than the question of alcoholic consumption.  Convictions run deep.  Really deep.  And in many ways it’s totally understandable.  Far too many family trees have sap and strong liquor running through their branches.  And the withering [...]

A Word about Criticism

Criticism is certainly a touchy thing.  The last thing I want to do is discourage or unfairly disparage some saint out there-- unless of course it’s Joel Osteen, which in that case am I really criticizing a saint?  Like I said, criticism is touchy. But if I’m going to provide you with an honest appraisal [...]