God’s Sovereignty and Human Responsibility: A Window Into Deep Mystery

[The following is intended for a Life Group, which is to say that they are questions designed for a small group setting.]   God's Sovereignty and Human Responsibility ~A Window into Deep Mystery~ 1) When you think of something like divine sovereignty, what comes to mind? How would you describe it? How pervasive is it? [...]


The Down-To-Earth Duty of Radically Normal Hospitality

Hospitality is the fertile soil in which relationships grow. This is true for friendships both new and unexpected as well as old and established. Show me a gathering of believers where there is warmth and love expressed through hospitality, and I will point and say, “Look there! On that hill! Shining brightly, as if a [...]

Generational Conflict in Ministry

D.A. Carson has written a timely article entitled “Generational Conflict in Ministry.”  See if the first paragraph catches your attention: “About five years after the Berlin wall came down and the communist regimes of Central and Eastern Europe had mostly fallen or been transmuted into something rather different, I had the privilege of speaking at [...]

Were the Early Church Fathers Calvinists? – A Brief Reply to Dr. Fernandez

In a recent debate over the five points of Calvinism, Dr. Fernandez said the following: “Another problem for Calvinism: No one held the Calvinist view of predestination until Augustine.  If the apostles taught Calvinism, then they apparently didn’t consider it important enough to convey this doctrine to their successors.  Until Augustine embraced unconditional predestination in [...]

Armchair Theology

Recently I was asked by Dave over at Armchair Theology if I would be willing to answer a few questions about my blog, interview style.  I was like, “What the!  Who me?”  But after looking over my shoulder and finding no one standing there, I answered, “Well, sure, it would be my honor!” So if [...]