(Sunday School Items) The Case for Utter Hopelessness

The following is intended for a Sunday School class at McIlwain Presbyterian Church. Atheists: A Sampling of the More Popular Players: Sam Harris Richard Dawkins Christopher Hitchens (deceased) Daniel Dennet Bill Nye Lawrence Krauss Peter Singer Alex Rosenberg Steven Pinker Alex O'Connor (Cosmic Skeptic)   Frederick Nietzche (deceased) Bertrand Russel (Deceased) ---------- Humanist Manifesto I [...]

Is The Character of a Civil Leader Crucially Important to His Task?

When it comes to the world of mixed martial arts, you'll hit someone in one of two ways. The first occurs in the gym while sparring. Here the idea is to sharpen each others' skills without intentionally crippling the other. The second happens in the ring. Here the intent is to take your opponent's head [...]

Two Weeks of Listening. Some Snapshot Thoughts

Apologetics 315 Interview with David Wood Excellent interview exploring the subject of Islam.  Instead of looking at the historical evidence, which is rarely what Muslims care to explore, David Wood very helpfully shows how one can and should use the Koran itself as a foil to the Muslim’s most common objections against Christianity.  Good stuff. [...]

Unbelievable (Or is it UnBellievable?) – Rob Bell Defends “Love Wins”

Forget Bell’s drift towards universalism for a moment. If there’s anything apparent in this debate/interview, it’s that Pastor Bell is intent on playing a game.  Over and over again he’ll sidestep direct questions about his view, joke around, and play cat and mouse with Justin and Adrian.  Don’t get me wrong, the guy is winsome, [...]

Check Out The New Blog: Gentle Reformation

I’d like to draw your attention to a new, snazzy, Reformed, gentle, but not too gentle (like pansy gentle or girl pushup gentle) blog where yours truly is a fellow contributor.  In a nutshell, we share our musings about theology, culture, history, books and pretty much anything and everything that strikes our fancy.  Since Calvinists, [...]

Philosophers Debate The Moral Argument For The Existence Of God – Unbelievable

There is something strangely refreshing, but ultimately terrifying about a consistent atheist.  In the course of my listening, it hasn’t been uncommon to hear atheists, even devout atheists, seek to objectify morality, as though there were, even in a wholly materialistic universe, something beyond the purely relativistic with which to anchor their claims.  The entire [...]